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PVC insulated shielded wire

RVSP 2*0.5mm2

origin: CHINA
packaging: Bagged
MOQ: 50


China PVC insulated shielded wire with High-Quality, Leading PVC insulated shielded wire Manufacturers & Suppliers, find PVC insulated shielded wire Factory & Exporters.

RVSP twisted pair shielded wire product features: Long service life and high cost performance. PVC material makes it wear-resistant and stable, suitable for indoor use. The shielding layer uses tinned copper wire to reduce oxidation phenomenon; The core stranding method adopts two or two twisted pairs, which reduces the signal attenuation between the core wire and the core wire, and the coverage rate is very close, reaching more than 85%, reducing the interference occurring during use! Make the signal transmission rate of this line longer and more stable! Product advantages compared to other domestic cables: 1. cost-effective, foreign technology China price; 2. The meter number is accurate, and the copper wire cross-sectional area and current carrying capacity can meet the requirements of customers; 3, we pay more attention to details, clear printing, printed with meters on the surface; 4. The selection of raw materials is subject to stricter examination and the formulation of own materials; 5, product quality is reliable, super stability! Compared with other imported cables: 1. We are cheaper than imported cables; 2. We have shorter delivery times than foreign brands; 3. Provide comprehensive after-sales service such as selection and installation guidance; 4, the full range, custom-made, to meet the individual needs of customers! Advantages in the same industry: 1. Complete varieties, reliable quality, long life, reasonable price and high cost performance; 2, pre-sale selection, program delivery; free installation guidance; fast after-sales service; 3, sufficient inventory, short delivery period, thousands of standing stock, 18 hours delivery; 4. Customized service, providing reasonable solutions according to the use environment, making the products more suitable for use and longer service life! Cable structure: Conductor: multiple strands of ultrafine fine stranded oxygen free copper wire Technical parameters Voltage: 300/500V Test voltage: 2000V/5min (AC) Minimum bending radius: Fixed laying 5x cable outer diameter Temperature range Fixation temperature: -200℃ to 700℃ Oil resistance: Normal Weather resistance: UV resistant, suitable for indoor use Flame retardant characteristics: IEC60332-1 compliant Conductor: Multi-strand fine stranded oxygen-free copper wire, in accordance with VDE0295 CLASS 5 standard insulation material: core wire insulation is special PVC compound core wire grounding mark: X=without yellow-green grounding wire, G=with yellow-green grounding wire core wire stranding method: two-two twisted and composite stranding Core color: color or digital code distinction (according to customer requirements) Intermediate coating: polymer ribbon wrapped around the core bundle Total shielding: tinned copper wire braiding, shielding rate of more than 85% Extrusion outer sheath: Low viscosity, special mixed PVC material External color: black or gray (Special specifications,color and more complex applications can be developed and customized according to requirements) http://www.shuaihe-cable.com

Twisted Shielded Wire, Composite Twisted Pair, Twisted Shielded Cord,

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