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Semi-automatic paper cone production line


Operators: 5 - 8
Weight: 5.5t
Size: 26 cubic meters
Price: USD 23700.00/5
MOQ: 1 5


A full set of semi-automatic equipment a total of five. Includes all production process.
Minimum production area: 150 square meters
40 feet container make up about 8 meters long
Weight: 5.5 t
Size: about 26 cubic meters
The whole line needs about 6 - 8 people to properly operate it.

Here's more details about the production line

1. JXA-25A cutter

JXA-25A is the professional cutter for manufacturing conical tubes. Fully-steel structure, mechanical power transmission brings high pressure. The maximum load is 100pieces. The machine has wide adjustable range,easy operation for clutch, will be safe and reliable.

Maximum cutting force: 25T

Power: 7.5kw

Efficiency: 30000 pieces/8 hours

Operator: 1

Size: 1320mm*700mm

2. ZJG-2000 Automatic paper tube reeling and gluing machine

ZJG-2000 is professional equipment for manufacturing conical paper tube. It can do automatic feeding feeding, gluing and releasing, featured high efficiency, easy operation and low labour. The use of starch as gluing material gives the product high strength, unified standard and low cost.

Capacity: 15000/8 hours

Power: 1.1KW

Operator: 1

Assistant: 1

Glue: Starch

Size: 1200mm*1000mm*1000mm

3. CQD-2000 Automatic head and corner cutting flocking machine

CQD-2000 is a multi-function, automatic machine. Main function include: reversing, cutting edge, V-opening cut, flocking, coloring and drying. Also can do automatic feeding, automatic flock collecting, featured low dust pollution, low labour and efficiency. One of the most advanced flocking machine so far.

Speed:12000/8 hours

Power: 2.2KW, fan 1.1KW, heater 1.8KW

Operator: 1

Size: 4200mm*1600mm*1900mm

4. Printing machine

This machine is of mechanical transmission, reasonable structure, stable running. Can print all kinds of fan type flat pattern.

Power: 0.75 kW

Operations: 1 worker

5. Edge grinding machine

This machine is suitable for grinding all kinds of cone paper fanshaped paper , to achieve smooth, well-distributed, easy to glue.

Capacity: 30000pcs/8hs

Maximum power: 2.2KW

Size of machine: 870mm x 970mm x 1155mm

Operator: 1-2 workers

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