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In Stock GE IC697CMM742 module


Place of Origin: United States
Condition: New and Original
Warranty: 12month
MOQ: 1 piece


Place of Origin:United States Brand Name:GE Condition: New and Original Type:DCS module
Package:Factory Sealed Warranty:12month

Our main brand:AB ABB Emerson Siemens Bentley Invensys module.

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Packing & Delivery

1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months in globally!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment

Best Quality Assurance:
1. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
2.1 year warrant GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).
Payment Methods :
We can accept T/T, MoneyGram

More attractive price of the product:

IC693CSE323 High Power 10 Slot State Logic
IC693CSE331 logic processor module
IC693CSE340 logic processor
IC693DNM200 main module
IC693DNS201 module
IC693DSM302 2-axis motion control shaft positioning module
IC693DSM314 four - axis motion control shaft positioning module
IC693DSM324 power four-axis
IC693MAR590 120 V AC input (8 points), relay output
IC693MDL230 Input120 VAC isolated input
IC693MDL231 Input240 VAC isolated input
IC693MDL240 Input120 V AC input
IC693MDL241 Input24 VAC / v DC input
IC693MDL250 INPUT120 VACe Isolated 16-point input
IC693MDL260 VAC 32 PT input
IC693MDL310 Amp120 VAC output, 0.5 amps
IC693MDL330 Ampê120 / 240 V AC output, 2 Ampe
IC693MDL340 (120 VAC output, 0.5 amps
IC693MDL390 Amp120 / 240 VAC output, 2 amps
IC663MDL632 125 Volts dc125 Volts DC
IC693MDL634 24 VDC input, negative / active Logice
IC693MDL645 24V DC input, negative / Pos logic
IC693MDL646 V DC input, negative / Pos logic, 1 msec filter
IC693MDL648 V DC input, negative / Pos logic, 1 msec filter
IC693MDL653 V DC input, negative / Pos logic, 2 msec filter
IC663MDL654 32) 5/12 VDC (TTL) input, negative / Pos logic, (32)
IC693MDL655 24 VDC input, negative / Pos logic, 1 - (32)
IC693MDL730 12/24 VDC output, 2 amps, logic
IC693MDL731 2/24 VDC output, 2 amps, logic
IC693MDL732 12/24 VDC output, 0.5 amps, logic
IC693MDL733 Negative 12/24 VDC output, 0.5 amps
IC693MDL734 (6) 125 VDC output, (6)
IC693MDL740 Volts DC output, 0.5 amps, logic
IC693MDL741 Negative 12/24 VDC output, 0.5 amps
IC693MDL742 VDC output, 1 amp, logic
IC693MDL748 (8) 48 Vdc output, 0.5 amps, logic (8)
IC693MDL750 (32) 12/24 VDC output, logic (32)
IC693MDL751 (32) 12/24 VDC output, logic (32)
IC693MDL752 (32) 5/12/24 Vdc (TTL) output, negative logic, (32)
IC693MDL753 VDC output, Pos logic (32)
IC693MDL930 Relay Output Welded Wire, Isolated, 4 Amperes (8)
IC693MDL931 Welded Wire Relay Output, 8 Ampere Table B / C
IC693MDL940 Welded wire relay output, 2 amperes (16)
IC693MDR390 24 VDC input (8 points), relay output (8)
IC693NIU004 Ethernet network interface
IC693PBM200 DP master module
IC693PBS201 module
IC693PCM300 PCM 160 KBPCM 160 KB
IC693PCM301 PCM 192 KBPCM 192 KB
IC693PCM311 PCM 640 KBPCM 640 KB
IC693PWR321 supply, 120/240 Vac
IC693PWR322 DC power supply, 24/48 VDC, standard.
IC693PWR328 power supply, 48v DC, standard.
IC693PWR330 high capacity power supply, 120/240 Vac
IC693PWR331 power supply, 24 VDC, high capacity
IC693PWR332 power supply, 12 VDC, high capacity


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AB ABB Siemens Emerson Bentley Invensys

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