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ns FPC Circuit Membrane Switch


origin: China
packaging: 10pcs into PP bag, then in to hard carton box
MOQ: 500


China Iridium GO Embossed Buttons FPC Circuit Membrane Switch with High-Quality, Leading Iridium GO Embossed Buttons FPC Circuit Membrane Switch Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Iridium GO Embossed Buttons FPC Circuit Membrane Switch Factory & Exporters.

Iridium GO! Global Voice Calling and Text Messaging Solutions Device Embossed Buttons FPC Circuit Membrane Switch Membrane Keypad Membrane Keyboard VTMS00198 VTMS00198 is a kind of FPC circuit waterproof membrane switch used on Iridium GO! global voice calling and text messaging solutions device. The display is anti-scratch and transparent with clear UV dots printed on the backside of the dindow to prevent producing Newton ringsonwindow. Iridium GO! provides global voice calling and text messaging solutions for the smartphone, as well as enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized apps to meet user's unique needs. Membrane Switch is a kind of interface operation product. Many devices, equipments, instrumens etc. need the operation interface panel. To design different symbols, diffeent colors can give users a friendly interface window and can design the circuit layer. Use metal domes contact the conductive pads on circuit laer then can get your wanted function when you press relevant buttons. LUPHITOUCH certified by ISO9001:2008 can design and manufacture various kinds of membrane keypads to meet your requirement. In addition we also have our own PCBA factory can provide one stop solution service for your projects. Membrane Switch/Membrane Keypad/Membrane Keyboard Description: > Construction: A membrane switch typically has 6 or more or less layers. The top layer of a membrane switch is the graphic overlay interface between the user and the machine. The other critical layer is a the circuit layer. It can also be PET, FPC or PCB. All the layers are normally assembled using pressure-sensitive adhesives. Contact between two traces can be made through a printed shorting pad or through a metal dome that stands on legs. > Membrane Keypad Structure 1) 4 layers structure: Graphic overlay + Spacer + Circuit(can be PET circuit or FPC circuit) + Back Adhesive 2) 6 layers structure: Graphic overlay + Spacer: Dome Retainer + Spacer + Circuit(can be PET circuit or FPC circuit) + Back Adhesive; 3) Other Structure 3.1) Overlay + Rubber Adhesive + Rubber Keypad + Rubber Adhesive + Retainer + Spacer + Circuit + Back Adhesive; 3.2) Overlay + Spacer + Retainer + PCB Circuit; And also there are many other kinds of structures for the interface keypads structure. It based on customer's real needs and we can design the suitable and economical structure for our customer's final application. > Main Technical Specifications: Item Description Technical capabilities 1 Max. Size: 1200mm x 1000mm 2 Overlay Material: PET: Autotype (Autotex F150,F200,F280, V150,V200,V280, Autoflex EBG130, EBG180, EBG250,EBA130, EBA180, EBA250) Autotex : XEV150, XEF200; Autostat CT3,CT4,CT5,CT7 DuPont etc. PC: GE LEXAN--8010 8B35 8B35F HP92S HP40 FR700 FR60 3 Spacer: 3M Adhesive, NITTO, TESA, SONY,SEKISUI, Domestic Adhesive 4 Back Adhesive: 3M(Mainly), Others(Little) 5 Silver Paste: CHANGSUNG: CSP-3163, CSP-3352,CSP-5150; ACHESON:ED 725A(6S-61),ED 427SS,ED 479SS,ED 976SS HV; FUJIKURA and OTTI 6 Oil Ink: SEIKO, JUJO, DUBUIT, PROELL,NORCOTE UV 7 Carbon Paste: FUJIKURA, ACHESON ED 581SS, OTTI 8 6 Layers metal dome Type Membrane Switch Structure Overlay + Spacer + Dome Retainer + Spacer + Circuit Layer+ Back adhesive 9 4 Layers Polydome Type Membrane Switch Structure Overlay + Spacer + Circuit + Back adhesive 10 Contact Resistance 0.5-10Ω 11 Insulation Resistance ≥10MΩ (100VDC) 12 base Material Voltage Durable 2000V DC 13 Bounce Time ≤5ms 14 Working Current ≤100mA 15 Working Voltage ≤50VDC 16 Life ≥1,000,000 times 17 Key Travel Flat type: 0.05mm-0.5mm, Tactile Type: 0.1-1.5mm 18 Working Temperature -40ºC-+80ºC 19 Actuation Force 20-550g 20 Storage Condition Temperature: -40ºC~+85ºC ,Humidity: ≤98% RH 21 PET Circuit Tail Flexible Feature 180°to any angle ---PACKAGING & SHIPPING--- Packaging Details 20 pcs in PP bag, then in hard carton box or Meet Customer's Demand Delivery Detail 13~14 working days Shipping TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx ---FAQ--- > Question 1: What kind of membrane switches we can produce? Super big size membrane switches, membrane keypads, graphic overlays, membrane circuits, LED backlighting membrane switches, LGF backlighting membrane switches, EL backlighting membrane switches, capacitive membrane switches, rubber keypad membrane switches, FPC circuit membrane switches, PCB circuit membrane switches, metal back panel membrane switches, Acrylic/PC back panel membrane switches,, waterproof membrane switch, anti-UV membrane switch, anti-scratch membrane switch, digital printing membrane switch etc. > Question 2: What is our shipping method? Answer: for small quantity with low weight, we ship by FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT express; for big quantity with high weight, we ship by sea or by plane; We also make shipment as per customer's instruction; > Question 3: What is our certification? Answer: ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003; > Question 4: Can we provide the design service to our customer? Answer: yes; > Question 5: Can we provide the material sourcing service? for example sourcing the electronics components, plastic, metal, rubber, wireharness etc. parts for customer's PCBA projects? Answer: yes; >> Factory View >> ISO Certificates: >> LUPHITOUCH Membrane Switch Served Markets: >> LUPHITOUCH Used Materials: we only use high quality raw materials, and say no to bad quality and counterfeit materials!!! Iridium GO Embossed Buttons FPC Circuit Membrane Switch, Iridium GO FPC Membrane Switch, Iridium GO FPC Membrane Keypad, Iridium GO Voice Calling Device Keypad http://www.luphiprint.com

Iridium GO FPC Membrane Switch, Iridium GO FPC Membrane Keypad, Iridium GO Voice Calling Device Keypad,

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