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Tyre carbon black uses

plastic pyrolysis plant: 500000USD
carbon black: 300-500USD/T
Price: USD 50000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


We all know that cracking equipment can get fuel, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas. Many people know the use of fuel, few people will know as the second largest product of cracking equipment, the use of carbon black, then what are the specific uses of carbon black?

We all know that fuel, carbon black, combustible gas and other substances can be obtained from plastic pyrolysis plant. Most people are also concerned about the use of fuel, many people do not understand, or even completely unknown the use of carbon black as the second largest product of cracking equipment.

In fact, the same carbon black as fuel also has a very high industrial value. Cracked carbon black can be sold directly to the market, or it can be selected for pre-sale deep processing. At present, there are two main carbon black deep-processing methods that are common in China. One is carbon black pressure balls, and the other is carbon black grinding powder.


After scientific tests proved that pyrolytic carbon black has a very high combustion value, the data show that the combustion value of carbon black is as high as 7000 Kcal/kg, similar to the combustion value of coal, so after the pyrolytic carbon black is pressed into a ball, it can completely replace coal for industrial use. heating. On the one hand, it can increase the use value of carbon black, on the other hand, it can reduce the cost of using fuel.


Waste tire, carbon black produced by plastic pyrolysis plant, because of its special raw material and cracking treatment process, its coarse particles, high ash content, and more oily components on the surface, its physical and chemical properties and our commonly used semi-reinforcing carbon black is extremely similar. based on this advantage, we can finely pulverize the carbon black to make N550, N660, N774 and other semi-reinforcing carbon blacks for use in the manufacture of various rubber products. The fine grinding of carbon black can be completed in a closed treatment system, avoiding any possibility of secondary pollution, and at the same time significantly increasing the added value of the final product, resulting in a higher profit. The selling price of finished carbon black is around 320-480 USD.

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