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GLSUN 1x1 Mechanical Fiber Optical Switch


Wavelength Range: 850±40 / 1300±40 1260 ~ 1650 nm
Test Wavelength: 850 / 1300 1310 / 1550nm
Insertion Loss 1,2: Typ: 0.5 Max: 0.8 Typ: 0.4 Max: 0.6
Price: USD 100.00/1
MOQ: 1 1


SUN-FSW-1×1 Optical Switch, which is famous for its high performance, low insertion loss and compact dimension: (L)27.0×(W)12.6×(H)8.2mm. It is an ideal component for OADM,OXC,system monitoring and protection. With compact package, it can be easy to integrate into a high density optical communication system.

GLSUN 1x1 Optical Switch - Features

Low Insertion Loss

Wide Wavelength Range

Low Crosstalk

High Stability, High Reliability

Epoxy-free on Optical Path

Latching and Non-latching

1×1 Optical Switch - Applications

R&D in Laboratory

System Monitoring


MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

GLSUN 1x1 Optical Switch - Specifications
Model No: SUN-FSW-1x1
Wavelength Range 850±40 / 1300±40 1260 ~ 1650 nm
Test Wavelength 850 / 1300 1310 / 1550nm
Insertion Loss 1,2 Typ: 0.5 Max: 0.8 Typ: 0.4 Max: 0.6
Return Loss 1, 2 MM more than 30 SM more than 50
Crosstalk 1 MM more than 65 SM more than 70 dB
PDL less than 0.05 dB WDL less than 0.25dB
Repeatability less than ±0.02 dB
Operating Voltage 3V or 5V
Durability more than 10 Million
Switching Time less than 8ms
Optical Power less than 500mW
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +7 degrees
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85 degrees
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95%
Weight 14g
Dimension (L)27.0*(W)12.6*(H)8.2 ±0.2 mm
Note: 1.Within operating temperature and SOP.
2.Excluding Connectors.

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