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sandra Chinensis 2017 New Crop

origin: China
packaging: 20-30/carton, or 50kg bulk bag
MOQ: 1


China Dried North Schisandra Chinensis 2017 New Crop with High-Quality, Leading Dried North Schisandra Chinensis 2017 New Crop Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Dried North Schisandra Chinensis 2017 New Crop Factory & Exporters.

Dried North Schisandra Chinennsis 2017 New Crop The Chinese say the Schizandra berry can "calm the herat and quiet the spirit."Traditional Chinese medicine has used the Schisandra berry for 5000 years to strengthen the lungs and kidneys,fight depression and increase energy levels.Schizandra berries can pep you up or calm you down.Schisandra is an "adaptogenic" herb.In other words,it doesn't matter whether you're too sleepy ro too nervous;either way,echizandra will redirect you from an extreme to an ideal,balanced state. Dried North Schisandra Chinennsis : 1) Lowers Inflammation. 2) Supports Adrenal Function & Lowers Stress. 3) Improves Liver Function & Digestive Health. 4) Protects the Skin. 5) Improves metal Performance. 6) Helps with Healthy Sexual Function. How to enjoy Dried North Schisandra Chinennsis? Just one or two cups of Dried North Schisandra Chinennsis Tea each day to gain all health benefits! 1) Small customized package: 100g,200g,500g,or as per buyer's option. 2) Bulk packing: 10-25kg/carton(inside plastic bag,outside carton box). 3) Vacumn package. Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd (PURE Biotechnology) is located in Ningxia,China.we committed provides high quality Dried North Schisandra Chinennsis with nice alimentation,we can also made customized packing according to clients' requirements.We devote ourself to developing a complete Chinese herb line in order to make contribution to mankind health by developing Chinese herbal industry.

Dried Schisandra Chinensis, North Schisandra Chinensis, Dried Schizandra Berry,

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