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Medical bulk of Rabies Vaccine


origin: China


China Medical bulk of Rabies Vaccine with High-Quality, Leading Medical bulk of Rabies Vaccine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Medical bulk of Rabies Vaccine Factory & Exporters.

If a person is bitten or scratched by a rabid dog or other rabid animals, regardless of age or sex, the wounds shall be cleaned immediately (flush the wounds repeatedly with clean water or soup water, followed by applying iodine tincture or ethanol for several times), and the exposed person shall be inoculated with the vaccine according to the post-exposure schedule as soon as possible. The person at risk of contacting rabies virus (such as veterinarians, animal breeders, forestry workers, workers in slaughterhouse and staffs in rabies laboratory) shall be immunized following the pre-exposure treatment schedule. [Function and use] The preparation can induce immunity against rabies virus in recipients following immunization. It is used to prevent rabies in human. 1.Vero cell 2.inactivated rabies fixed virus 3.bit or scratch by rabid dog

Medical Vaccine Bulk, Inactivated Rabies Virus, Inoculated with the Vaccine,

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