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Rabies Vaccine for Human


origin: China
MOQ: 5000


China Rabies Vaccine for Human with High-Quality, Leading Rabies Vaccine for Human Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Rabies Vaccine for Human Factory & Exporters.

Apply fixed bed bio-reactor DISKS micro-carrier-in high-density culture of VERO cell; realize scale production in international standard vaccine industrialization and reach international standard, contributing to early realization of rabies elimination goal. Advantages: 1)Obtain National Ten Famous-brand Products Honor Certificate in pharmaceutical industry; 2)Exclusively obtain the invention patent of Rabies Vaccine for Human Use, Freeze-dried and its preparation method; 3)Apply fixed bed bio-reactor DISKS micro-carrier to realize high-density culture of VERO cell, advanced technology process and high quality. 4)High titer and great stability. 5)With less clinical reaction, high-level immunogenicity, high conversion rate of serum antibody, high titer of antibody GMT, the Vaccine provides ideal protection after injection. 6)5 doses for whole immunization process with standard operation and reliable effect for prevention; 7)Lyophilized dosage form for quality guarantee; 8)Exclusively apply two dosage forms of pre-filled syringe from American BD Company and vial pack for security and convenience;

Prevent Rabies Of Human, Bulk Of Rabies Vaccine, Inactivated Rabies Fixed Virus,

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lysaccharide Vaccine For Human...

Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd.

America,South korea,France

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