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Lead core bearing pad



Lead core bearing pad is widely used at bridges and buildings, it is the lead core inserted into the center of the laminated bearing pad for load shift.

Lead core bearing pad consists of the laminated bearing, top and bottom connecting plates, and lead plug in the middle of the bearing which assists the bearing to absorb earthquake generated forces and extend the structure vibration period. Lead core bearing pad is a isolation device used in bridges or buildings, which can dissipated the energy and decrease the displacement during the horizontal deformation. There are round and rectangular shapes introduced as followed, it is a practical and cost effective choice for earthquake isolation.Function of lead core bearing pad
Top and bottom plates: transfer loading and constraint deformation of lead core.
Lead plug: dissipate energy and decrease displacement.
Steel reinforcing plates: increase vertical stiffness and constraint deformation of lead core.
Internal rubber layers: support structure weight, accommodate rotation and displacement, recovery moving bearing to the original position.
Rubber cover: protect reinforced steel plates and rubber layers.Feature
Allow the structure to retain original shapes and position because of the high elastic of rubber.
Reduce the ground acceleration through extending the structure vibration period.
Lead core can dissipate the energy and decrease the displacement during the horizontal deformation.
Stiff and strong in vertical direction but flexible in horizontal direction.
Enable the bridge designed with multiple continuous spans and minimum the numbers of joints.
Easy to install and low cost maintenance.
How does the lead core bearing pad working?
when an earthquake happening, owing to the inertial forces ,the un-isolated building will vibrate back and forth in varying directions, and finally result in deformation and damages of building. However, the isolated building is also displace, but it can remains its original shapes and avoid damages. The lead core is slid with bearing pad during earthquake and convert movement energy to heat for inertial force reduce.
Material: lead core, rubber, steel plates.
Shape: round and rectangular.
Color: black.
Bearing capacity: 1000-2000 kN.
Displacement: 50-200 mm.
Lead core bearing pad is widely used in bridges, viaducts, stadiums, buildings and so on, it provide excellent protection against the damage of earthquake.

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