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Elastomeric bearing pad



Elastomeric Bearing Pad can transfer loads, accommodate thermal movements, its vertical rigidity is sufficient to bear and shift the load to the structure.

Elastic bearing pad is divided into two types - unreinforced elastomeric bearing pads and elastic band steel bearings. They are made of neoprene, natural rubber and the like, it is widely used in the bridge. Elastic bearing design is designed to minimize the effects of vibration on the structure, and eliminating noise, and shear deformation to accommodate the horizontal displacement of the superstructure. Features
allow expansion and contraction of prefabricated steel bridges.
Adapt to the larger displacement when the temperature changes and earthquake.
Due to the high elasticity of rubber, allowing the structure to maintain the original shape and position.
Load distribution can be controlled, and adapted to heat and rotational movement of the end members.
With fixing pins, to reduce the risk of sliding.
Easy to install and low cost maintenance.

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