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Laminated bearing pad



Laminated bearing pad is designed with reinforced steel plates to effectively support vertical, horizontal force and accommodate rotational movement.

Laminated bearing pad is designed for bridges and building construction. It is made up from high purity rubber which is inserted in steel plates for reinforcement to form a homogeneous unit through vulcanization and molding manufacturing process. Laminated bearing pad are mainly categorized into two types: rectangular laminated bearing pad and round laminated bearing pad. It is designed to accommodate the movement (such as horizontal and transverse loads/movements) and rotation of the structure caused by thermal effect, structural load, wind load, seismic load and so on. Moreover, different shapes bearing pads suit different bridge, for example, rectangular bearing pad is fit for orthogonal bridges, round bearing pad is fit for curvilinear bridges, oblique crossing bridges and cylindrical pier bridges.Feature
High accommodation of movements caused by expansion, contraction, concrete creep effects, etc.
Steel plates sandwiched between rubber layers for loads absorbing.
Immune towards UV radiation and ozone with the neoprene or nature rubber.
Permits smooth and uniform transfer of load from the beam to the substructure.
The reinforcing steel plates vary in thickness depending on design needs.
Low crystallization rate.
There are two pictures help you know about the working principle of laminated bearing pad and the different effect between laminated bearing pad and plain block bearing pad.Specification
Material: neoprene, natural rubber and steel plate.
Surface: glossy, matte.
Shape: rectangular and round (with optional holes for anchor bolts as your request).
Color: black.
Technics: vulcanizing.
Thickness: 0.125" - 30", or customized.
Width: 36" - 48", or customized.
Hardness: 50-75 durometer complying with AASHTO.
Displacement: 50-300 mm.
Capacity: 1000-70000 kN.
Laminated bearing pad is used in the construction of bridges for bearing the vertical and horizontal load. Rectangular bearing pad is fit for orthogonal bridges, round bearing pad is fit for curvilinear bridges, oblique crossing bridges and cylindrical pier bridges.

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