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lligent Onsite Nirogen Machine

origin: China
packaging: Plywood wooden box
MOQ: 1


China CE certified Intelligent Onsite Nirogen Machine with High-Quality, Leading CE certified Intelligent Onsite Nirogen Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find CE certified Intelligent Onsite Nirogen Machine Factory & Exporters.

CE certified Intelligent onsite Nirogen Machine is one kind of machine producing various flow rate nitrogen. It has one air compressor, three filters, one dryer and one oil remover, one air tank, one nitrogen separator, and one nitrogen buffer tank. The nitrogen separator is the key part for nitrogen generator. After air pass through this part, high purity nitrogen ( from 90% to 99.9999%) is collected. This can be regarded as standard nitrogen generator.There are also special designed nitrogen machine. CE certified Intelligent onsite Nirogen Machine Features Skid structure, easy installation. When this standard nitrogen generator reaches site, just connect the air compressor into main machine, then with one simple touch on the start, the whole machine starts to work, no need for site installation, site training,etc. No need for Gamma engineers go to site, further saving customer`s cost. Special filling device Making the fill of molecular sieve achieve max density and evenness. Getting rid of molecular sieve creeping and wearing and [tunnel effect" from the root. Therefore the molecular sieve has longer lifetime, higher utility ratio and lower material air consumption. Special gas distributors Equipped at both top and bottom side of the adsorption tower adapting multi-layer hole plate structure and special hole arrangement. These makes gas distribution within tower more efficient. Pipeline flow speed control technology Making the molecular sieve avoid damage caused by collision by "boiling" at the top of adsorption tower, no need extra pressing device. Advanced middle bed layer pressure balancing process Can be regarded as a four tower structure with series connection of pre-adsorption stage and clean adsorption stage, achieving higher purity oxygen. Standard Nitrogen Generator Packing and Shipping

CE Certified Nirogen Machine, Intelligent Nirogen Machine, Onsite Nirogen Machine,

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