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produce organic-Si441#Si99.10


origin: China
packaging: bag
MOQ: 100


China Silicon Metal to produce organic-Si441#Si99.10 with High-Quality, Leading Silicon Metal to produce organic-Si441#Si99.10 Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Silicon Metal to produce organic-Si441#Si99.10 Factory & Exporters.

Today's computers, due to technological advances and material improvements, can hold tens of thousands of transistors on a fingernail-sized silicon, with a host of input, output, computation, storage and control information. Microporous calcium silicate thermal insulation material Microporous calcium silicate thermal insulation material is a kind of excellent thermal insulation material. It has the advantages of small heat capacity, high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity, non-burning, non-toxic, odorless, cutting, easy to transport and so on. It can be widely used in metallurgy, electricity, chemicals, ships and other thermal equipment and pipelines. After testing, energy saving is better than asbestos, cement, vermiculite and cement perlite and other insulation materials. Special calcium silicate material can be used as a catalyst carrier, widely used in petroleum refining, automobile exhaust purification and many other aspects. Usage: Mainly used to produce organic-Si in chemical industry and also can be applied to mechanical, chemical, alloys, electron, medicine industry, state defense etc. Size: 10-50mm.10-100mm etc. Packing: In plastic woven bags of 500kg or 1mt net each or in bulk, and also can be packed according to customer`s requirement. Specifications (%): metal silicon smelting is a high-energy-consuming production, China's metal silicon production has been a long time, with the national energy policy tightening and energy-saving emission reduction, as well as the promotion of new energy sources, silicon metal smelting has become a primary product and Technology, many domestic emerging energy companies have built a series of circular industrial chains of silicon metal, polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon and solar cells and will inevitably affect the development of China's entire energy sector and the application of new energy sources in the coming years.

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