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e 380 Low Pesticide Dried Goji

Size 380

origin: Ningxia China
packaging: Inner package:250g/500g/1kg/3kg/5kg aluminum plastic bags ; Outer package: cartons with capacity of
MOQ: 1000


China Size 380 Low Pesticide Dried Goji with High-Quality, Leading Size 380 Low Pesticide Dried Goji Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Size 380 Low Pesticide Dried Goji Factory & Exporters.

General knowledge of goji berry: High Quality And High Yield Cultivation Techniques Of Goji Berry 1. Orchards establishment The most important thing for obtaining high quality and high yield goji berries is to select and manage the growing environment, therefore, firstly people should establish orchards and loose soil in the early stage, at the same time, people should choose the land with adequate nutrient and fertile soil, in addition, in order to avoid soil pollution, the land had better not be connected with the geology of the factory, and the land closed to the park with lots of dust is not the best choice. Description Better class:low pesticide goji berry Size 380pcs/50g Our low pesticide goji berry is produced in accordance with the EU standards 0231010 : Tomatoes(goji berry is classified to tomatoes). For the low pesticide goji berry, we control it in the planting process. A month or so before picking, it is forbidden for farmers to spray pesticides on the goji trees. In addition, we strictly prohibit farmers to use prohibited pesticides. Of course, the types and quantities of pesticides need to be tested to /confirm/i. We could offer organic certificate and test report, there are more than 200 items scanned by EUROFINS, Complies with EU standard. Usually, the low pesticide goji berry`s price lower than the price of organic goji berry, and the low pesticide residues are basically no harm to the human body, so the low pesticide goji`s sales is the largest. Detailed specification Type: Dried goji berry Size: 180pcs/50g, 220pcs/50g, 250pcs/50g, 280pcs/50g, 320pcs/50g, 350pcs/50g, 380pcs/50g , 420pcs/50g, 450pcs/50g, 500pcs/50g, 550pcs/50g, 750pcs/50g Humidity/Moisture (%): 12%-14%; We could control according to customer`s requirements Packaging: Inner package:250g/500g/1kg/3kg/5kg aluminum plastic bags ; Outer package: cartons with capacity of 10kg,20kg,25kg; 10KG/CTN :10MTS/20GP; 20KG/CTN:11.5MTS/20GP Payment & Shipping Terms: By T/T, D/p at sight, L/C Delivery Time: about 15 days Storage: Store closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight Shelf Life: One year OEM: Available Goji production process From farm to plate, in order to produce high quality goji berry, we set up a standard production process: Wash Fresh Goji Berry, Dried by Machine, Graduation, Sorted by Color and Get Rid of Bad Berries, Selected by Hand, Separate Hair and Dust, Second-time Selection by Hand, Ultravoilet Disinfection, metal Detect, Bagging, Weighting and Plastic-envelop, Packing. Extra service If you like, we can provide you with a wide range of promotional materials. We can also provide you with retail packaging of various materials. Of course, if you have other procurement requirements, we can also help you find suppliers in china^_^

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