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ity Cosmetology Goji Seeds Oil

origin: ningxia
packaging: Inside: Plastic drum. External: Carton
MOQ: 21


China Top Grade High Quality Cosmetology Goji Seeds Oil with High-Quality, Leading Top Grade High Quality Cosmetology Goji Seeds Oil Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Top Grade High Quality Cosmetology Goji Seeds Oil Factory & Exporters.

Lycium barbarum and Lycium barbarum polysaccharides have certain anti-aging effects; Lycium barbarum can enhance the body's anti-aging effect; oral medlar can significantly enhance the human DNA repair synthesis ability (P <0.01); wolfberry is an immunomodulator; Is an immune enhancer; on the humoral immune system regulation; wolfberry can improve the symptoms of aging. In short, wolfberry has antioxidant effects, can regulate the body's immune function, a significant improvement in the symptoms of aging, so the wolfberry is actually anti-aging and anti-aging disease medicine. Goji seeds oil contains around 18% oil. Through supercritical CO2 extraction, it can get 98% oil from Goji seeds. According to the analysis and test, the seeds oil contains linoleic acid 68.3%, oleic acid 19.1%, γ-linolenic acid 4.2%, β-carotene, 170.0 mg / 100g, Vitamin E 27.0 mg / 100g, 15.0 mg of lutein / 100g, zeaxanthin 9.2 mg / 100g, phospholipids 0.25%, and many trace elements and bioactive substances SOD. [Supercritical CO2 extraction Goji seeds oil production methods" won the national invention patents and the patent number is ZL 99106579.4.

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