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2030 ATC Oscillating Knife Tool Changer Cnc Router



Applications :
Wood-working industry: Ideally suitable for furniture decoration,musical instruments,wooden crafts,solid wood furniture,MDF paint-free door,wood composite door,cabinet,kitchen doors,windows,night table,etc.
Decoration industry: Art model,Wall Art,screen felief engraving and cutting,decoration processing,gifts wrapping,waved plate,electrical cabinets panels,sports equipment,and other wooden industrial products.
Advertisement: Acrylic,double color plate,PVC,ABS board,aluminum plate,density board,artificial stone,organic glass,soft metals like aluminum and copper,cut matrix,character,signs,trademar.


seline;line-height:36px;">Parameters :

seline;line-height:24px;">Descriptions seline;line-height:24px;">Parameters
seline;line-height:24px;">Modle seline;line-height:24px;">ELE2030ATC-O
seline;line-height:24px;">Working area seline;line-height:24px;">2000*3000*200mm (can be customized)
seline;line-height:24px;">Working Voltage seline;line-height:24px;">220V, 3PHASE, 50HZ (can be customized)
seline;line-height:24px;">Control System seline;line-height:24px;">Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system
seline;line-height:24px;">Control box seline;line-height:24px;">1.4m high control box
seline;line-height:24px;">Oscillating knife seline;line-height:24px;">Germany ECOCAM EOT-3
seline;line-height:24px;">Spindle seline;line-height:24px;">5.5kw water cooling ATC spindle
seline;line-height:24px;">Spindle speed seline;line-height:24px;">0-24000RPM/MIN
seline;line-height:24px;">Tool magazine seline;line-height:24px;">Linear type + 8pcs ISO30 tool holders (Carousel type for optional)
seline;line-height:24px;">Motor and Driver seline;line-height:24px;">750w Leadshine hybrid servo motors and drivers
seline;line-height:24px;">Inverter seline;line-height:24px;">5.5kw Fuling inverter
seline;line-height:24px;">Structure seline;line-height:24px;">New type thicker and bigger heavy duty welded frame and gantry
seline;line-height:24px;">Table surface seline;line-height:24px;">T-slot and Vacuum Working Table
seline;line-height:24px;">Gantry structure seline;line-height:24px;">Gantry Moving
seline;line-height:24px;">Lubrication system seline;line-height:24px;">Automatic lubrication system
seline;line-height:24px;">Calibration seline;line-height:24px;">Automatic tool sensor calibration
seline;line-height:24px;">Mist cooling sprayer seline;line-height:24px;">Automaitc oil mist cooling sprayer

seline;line-height:24px;">X,Y Axis: Helical rack, Taiwan Hiwin/PMI/ABBA 25# Rail Linear Bearing

seline;line-height:24px;">Z Axis: Taiwan Hiwin/PMI/ABBA Rail 25# Linear Bearing & Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

seline;line-height:24px;">Vacuum pump

seline;line-height:24px;">7.5kw water circlulation vacuum pump (220V, 3PHASE, 50HZ)

seline;line-height:24px;">Dust Collector seline;line-height:24px;">1.5kw new type double pockets dust collector (220V, 3PHASE, 50HZ)
seline;line-height:24px;">Command language seline;line-height:24px;">G Code
seline;line-height:24px;">Color seline;line-height:24px;">According to your reference
seline;line-height:24px;">Applications seline;line-height:24px;">Leather, Carpet, Carton, Wood, MDF, PVC, Acrylic, Carboard, Rubber, Corrugated box, Foam, Leather strip.

seline;line-height:27px;">PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

seline;line-height:36px;">Advantages :

  • seline;line-height:27px;">Function: Extremely heavy-duty CNC machining center,suitable for routing,drilling,cutting,edge chamfering,etc.
  • seline;line-height:27px;">Construction: Whole machine table adopts high strength thick steel pipe welded.Whole working table cast by resin sand.The annealing and other heat treatment methods ensure that the whole structure is tested to the limit for sturdiness and reliability.
  • seline;line-height:27px;">Spare parts: Features world top class mechanical and electronic components,e.g.Taiwan rail and ball screw,French Schneider electrical components,which guarantee stable performance and high quality.
  • seline;line-height:27px;">Precision: Excellent spare parts,accurate precision detection instrument,which make sure he machine with perfect location and working precision.
  • seline;line-height:27px;">Table:Double-layer compound grade board table design,rugged construction,non-deformation,with functions of instant adsorption and release.
  • seline;line-height:27px;">Tool magazine: With an 8-slots Linear tool changer,tool changes to be performed quickly.

seline;line-height:36px;">Features :

  • seline;line-height:24px;">2000*3000*200mmworking size
  • seline;line-height:24px;">5.5 kw Changsheng ATC water cooling spindle; 24000PRM
    seline;line-height:24px;">Together with oscillating knife (Germany EOT- 3 for carton cutting)
  • seline;line-height:24px;">5.5 kw Fuling inverter
  • seline;line-height:24px;">Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system
  • seline;line-height:24px;">750w Leadshine easy servo motor and driver;
  • seline;line-height:24px;">T-slot &vacuum work table
  • seline;line-height:24px;">Taiwan PMI/ABBA Linear Guide #25 for XYZ axis
  • seline;line-height:24px;">helical rack & gear transmission for XY axis
  • seline;line-height:24px;">Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis
  • seline;line-height:24px;">Japan Omron Limit switch
  • seline;line-height:24px;">French Schneider rotary safety switch
  • seline;line-height:24px;">New type thicker and bigger heavy duty welded frame and gantry
  • seline;line-height:24px;">7.5kw water type circulation vacuum pump
  • seline;line-height:24px;">1.5kw double packet Dust collection system
  • seline;line-height:24px;">8 tool magazine ,with BT 30 holder USD 50/ pieces
  • seline;line-height:24px;">Voltage :220v, 3phase, 50-60hz
  • seline;line-height:24px;">plywood case package
  • seline;line-height:24px;">seline;line-height:24px;">FAQ:

    Question 1: I want to buy this machine,what suggestion can you give?
    Answer: Please tell me:what material do you process? What's the size of your material?(Better show me your product picture)

    Question 2: What's the delivery cost & time?
    Answer: Please tell me your sea port name,i check shipping cost. After production,we'll deliver ASAP.

    Question 3: Have you exported to our country?
    Answer: We have been in this field for 11 years,we have CE,CO,ISO,FDA certificates,have exported to Europe,South America,Arab,Asia,Russia,Spain,Australia and many more countries.

    Question 4: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
    There are english manual or guide video that show how to use machine.
    If there is still have any question, please contact us by e-mail / skype/ phone /trademanager online service at any time.

    Question 5: If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
    Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.
    If the parts less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
    If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.

    MOQ ?
    1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.

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