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ol Chemical D-allethrin 95% TC

CAS No.:584-79-2

origin: Made in China
packaging: 20kg/drum
MOQ: 200


China Pest Control Chemical D-allethrin 95% TC with High-Quality, Leading Pest Control Chemical D-allethrin 95% TC Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Pest Control Chemical D-allethrin 95% TC Factory & Exporters.

Pest control chemical Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) is one of the most outstanding synergists to increase pesticide effectiveness. Not only it can obviously increase pesticide`s effect more than ten times, but also it can extend its effect period. PBO is widely used in agriculture, family health and storage protection. It is the only authorized super-effect insecticide used in food hygiene (food production) by the UN Hygiene Organization. It is a unique tank additive that restores activity against resistant strains of insects. It acts by inhibiting naturally occurring enzymes that would otherwise degrade the insecticide molecule. PBO breaks through the insect`s defense and its synergistic activity makes the insecticide more powerful and effective. Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 to rats 753mg/kg. Application: It has high V.p and swift knockdown activity to mosquitoes and flies. It can be formulated into coils, mats, sprays and aerosols. Proposed Dosage: In coil, 0.25%-0.35% content formulated with certain amount of synergistic agent; in electro-thermal mosquito mat, 40% content formulated with proper solvent,propellant, developer, antioxidant and aromatizer; in aerosol preparation, 0.1%-0.2% content formulated with lethal agent and synergistic agent. While we are operating this product, our company is still operating on other products, such as furit trees great quality insecticide, azamethiphos, methoprene,imidacloprid and so on.

Pest Control Chemical, Environmental Insecticide Material, Insecticide Mosquito Coil Pest Control,

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