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ack ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate


origin: Shenzhen , China
packaging: Cartons and Pallet or according to require .
MOQ: 50


China Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate with High-Quality, Leading Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate Factory & Exporters.

Discount of ESD Acetal Sheet, Black ESD POM Plate with surface resistance from 10^3 to 10^11, colors can be black and also beige. POM is a kind of dystectic, high crystallinity thermoplastic engineering plastic material, its mechanical property is very close to metal material, can be used in 100°C normally. POM sheet can be applied to making components and parts of mechanical equipment, such as wheel gear, bearing, pump case, which is widely employed in the field of auto industry, electronics, medical devices, packing services, food machinery. There are POM-C and POM-H in the market, and POM-C has the most market share, because it is easy to compound and machine, so our company standard material is POM Copolymer Sheet and Rod. 1. Description of Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate Appearance: Smooth surface without bubbles Color: Normally in natural color, or custom-made according to customers` requirements. Thickness: 0.8-150mm Sizes: 600 *1200 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm, and 1000 * 2000 mm Surface resistance: 10^3 - 10^11 Natural pom sheets is also named as POM sheet. Natural pom sheet is a cream-colored thermoplastic resin which is very excellent physical and mechanical properties. It has the follow features: 1) Good overall performance, and coloration, high strength reach to metal. 2) Tensile strength, flexural strength, creep resistance and fatigue resistance. 3) Low coefficient of friction. 4) Excellent chemical resistance. 2. Pictures of Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate 3. Applications of Black ESD POM Acetal Sheet Plate POM Derlin Plastic is widely used in various sliding and rotating machinery, precise parts, gear and so on. It has been Used throughout the automotive industry, electronics, clothing, medical, machinery, sports equipment industry and other fields. Natural pom sheet is widely applying to cars,electronics,clothing,medical treatment,machinery and so on. 4. Our Services 1) High performance cost ratio with steady quality. 2) OEM service and prompt Delivery. 3) The fast speed of reply your email and can make quotation sheet just for you. 4) Can provide free sample, only need you bear the sample fee. 5) Supply good after-sales service, we will follow-up the situation after using, if have problems, we will find out the reason and deal with positively. 5. POM Processing Parts

ESD Acetal Sheet, Black ESD POM Plate, Black POM Acetal Plate,

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