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Banana Slicer Machine


power: 750w
capacity: 600Kg/h
weight: 90Kg
Price: USD 1200.00/pcs
MOQ: 1 pcs


Banana Slicer Machine, Plantain Slicer is special apply in banana and plantain chips production slicing process, commercial banana plantain chips slicer machine makes thin slices of peeled bananas.

Such as banana chips / wafers, plantain chips are gaining wide popularity in our day-to-day life. Now it is used as snack food in homes, fast food centers, restaurants and also as side dish and garnishes.
The slices are deep fried in vegetable oils and then cooled to room temperature followed by packaging in suitable packages for further storage or transportation.
In banana or plantain chips production process, round slices or oblique slice are made by using rotary type banana chips slicer machine of the peeled banana. only this banana chips/wafers cutter is special designed to other chips cutting machine due to the difference between banana and potato.
This best quality Banana Slicing Machine with most competitive price has follows features,
Both the plantain slice thickness and angle are adjustable easily.
Both banana round shape and oblique slice are available.
Banana slice is smooth without any damage.

Banana Slicer Machine, Plantain Slicer,

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