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75 Liter Rubber Banbury Mixer Kneader

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LINA 75 Liters High Production Dispersion Kneader

LINA 75 Liters Mass Production Rubber Plastic Compounds Dispersion Internal Mixer possess great cooling efficiency, LINA dispersion kneader's Jacket cooling system allows sensitive adjustment of mixing materials temperature, excellent feeding method. The back-feeding method in LINA Mass Production Dispersion Kneader, new type of dust proof device with remarkable dust seal for preventing material leakage. User-friendly, environmental friendly, suitable for a variety of materials, excellent dispersion effect, easy cleaning for a wide range of materials, better performance dust and water seal for preventing material leakage are LINA Large Size Rubber Internal Mixer's main advantages compared in rubber and plastic industry.


Main Features of LINA 75 L Good Dispersion Effect Rubber Plastic Mass Production Dispersion Kneader

1. Comprehensive safety devices like ergonomics security devices, reverse braking devices, infrared sensor and 360 degrees emergency stop button etc.

2. LINA high quality carbon steel roller, which is treated by nitriding and the surface is plated hard chromium. And the medium hole of the roller ensures the cooling efficiency.

3. PLC intelligent soft control system is not only easily import or export but also accurately in control and measurement of mixing temperature and ratio.

4. Multifunctional options ensure easier operation and lower maintenance rate is designed for mass production to plasticizing, mixing and performing, Heating system, cooling system or double functions system are available to meet the mixing requirements of a variety of materials and improve flow production efficiency.

Mass production dispersion kneading machine

production line


Specifications of LINA 75 Liters Mass Production Internal Mixer



Type Mass production type

Mixing Capacity
75 liters

Production Yield
70-100 KG per time
Subject to the proportion of material and dispersion requirements.
Main Motor Power
37 KW

Flipping Method
Hydraulic type

Flipping Angle

Temperature Control
Heating or/and cooling
Electric/oil/steam heating and circulating water cooling.
about 10800 KG

about 3800*2300*3200 mm

Details of LINA 75 Liters High Production Line Dispersion Kneader

kneader details

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