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Kinesiology Tape Muscle Tape,100% cotton /Athletic Sport Tape


Price: USD 1.50/
MOQ: 100


Traditional Kinesiology Tape with Original Wave
Hypoallergenic and latex free acrylic glue
Utilizes a high grade cotton for breathability and comfort,feel like second skin
Available to both medical care patients and professional players.
My name's sherry from How Medic, manufacturing sports tapes and bandages with good quality and competitive price.
OEM & ODM service are both available.
Please feel free to contact me for your any inquiry.

kinesiology tape Adaptability

Protect ovement of the joints, muscles,fascia and relieve pain during exercise;

Reduce the impact on joints and tendons,promot circulation of blood,ease muscle tension

Auxiliary correcting deformities,tendon contracture,acute or chronic tendon injury ,muscle recover therapy

Benefits of kinesiology tape

*High-quality cotton cloth for maximum support;
*Extra strong porous hot melt adhesive ensures the
tape will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions;
*Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat.Maintaining strength and stability.

Use Kinesiology Tapes For

*To add support restrict range of motion in the muscles and joints of players;
*To assist in the prevention or healing of aports-related injuries;
*For sensitive skin or frequent taping,apply under-wrap first before taping.

Properties of kinesiology tape

1.Provide goog support to muscle,joints with full comfort.

2.Good elasticity,bascially same as that of skin,muscle.

3.Use to prevent injury,to control edema and pain management.

4.Adhering,no need of clips or fasteners.

6.Maintains the original size, do not constrict.

7.well flexible and breathable.

8.For best results,apply 30 minutes prior to activity.

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