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Temperature and Humidity Incubator

Glass Door Painted Alloy Door Painted Alloy With Window Door

Internal(External) size (mm): 540*540*650
Temp.range (℃): 0-50±0.5
Humidity.control (%RH): 50-95±2
Price: USD 800.00/units


Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator
The Biochemistry Incubator has the temperature control system for freezing and heating function in low temperature tests,environment testing and others tests for biological,genetic engineering,medicine,epidemic prevention,environmental protection,agriculture,forestry,animal husbandry,industry,research institutions,universities

Main Advantages for our incubator
1. Working area material: Galvanization stainless steel;Round arc inner angle easy to clean.
2. Digital display or touch screen LED display(optional)
3. Audio and visual alarm.
4. Time range: 0-9999min.
5. Double-layer door structure: Open outer door. Observe studio experimental results through the inner door which is made from high intensity toughened glass, temperature and humidity unaffected.
6. Adjustable shelves.
7.Door:Full double layer toughened glass door or full high quality alloy pained door or painted alloy with glass window can be selected accordingly.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator,

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Temperature and Humidity Incubator...


Temperature and Humidity Incubator...

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