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Yatone SUV tire


LI&SS: 99 H XL
Std. Rim: 6.5J
Max Load: 775 kg
Price: USD 43.00/piece
MOQ: 800 piece


Special shoulder design:tyre shoulder strip resist the uneven wear;
Quite-ride pitch alignment: optimized tread pitch width and alignment quiet resonances and the road noise it creates;
Wide groove design: Wide grooves on the shoulder fully radiate the heat;
Central rib: high speed stability with handling response;
Special bead design: special bead design guarantee long service life;

Size LI&SS Std. Rim Max Load
kg lbs
205/60R16 96 V XL 6J 710 1565
215/60R16 99 H XL 6.5J 775 1709
215/60R16 95H 6.5J 775 1709
215/60R17 100 H XL 6.5J 800 1764
215/60R17 100 T XL 6.5J 800 1764
215/65R16 102 H XL 6.5J 850 1874
215/65R16 98 H 6.5J 750 1653
215/70R15 98 H 6.5J 750 1653

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Yatone SUV tire...

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