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Geomembrane Extrusion Welding


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China Geomembrane Extrusion Welding with High-Quality, Leading Geomembrane Extrusion Welding Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Geomembrane Extrusion Welding Factory & Exporters.

Geomembrane Extrusion Welding SWT-NS700 Geomembrane Fusion Welding Welder welds 0.5mm-2.0mm thickness membrane. which is adopts advanced hot wedge strcuture. Geomembrane Liner Welding With its high power,high speed and pressure.This Automatic Geomembrane Welding Machine PE Geomembrane Wedge Welder is specially desgined for water conservancy,aquaculture,landfills,chemical mining,sewage treatment,roof constructions and other waterproofing projects. Geomembrane Fusion Welding Welder,is an Automatic Hot Wedge Welding Machine for overlap welding and manufacturing of films and geomembrane liners in tunnels as well as earthwork and civil engineering. The heat is transmitted by using the best combination of contact and hot air. Especially well-suited for overhead welding in install geomebrane, civil engineering, tunnel engineering. SWT-NS700 Combi Wedge Welding Machine with stepless adjustable temperature and drive. Voltage 220 V ± 5% Frequency 50/60Hz Power 1200W Welding temp 0-450 ℃ Welding Speed 0.5-8 m/min Thickness of material 0.5-2.0 mm Welding width 15 mm *2, interior cavity 20 mm Overlap width 120 mm Seam Strength ≥85% base material ( tensile resistant in shear direction) Weight 7.5 Kg Size 350(L) X 267mm(W) X 267mm(H) Feature of Hot Wedge Combi Wedge Welding Machine Easy operation Lightweight High welding speed Stepless adjustable temperature and drive Achieves perfect welding results, even under harsh environmental conditions, thanks to its hot air system. Geomembrane Welding Machine International Warranty:24 months Any parts borken or does not work under normal operating,we are free to provide. http://www.buttfusionweldingmachine.com

Geomembrane Fusion Welding Welder, Geomembrane Liner Welding, PE Geomembrane Wedge Welder,

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