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soft support precise positioning balancing machine


Usage:: Balancing Machine
Power supply:: Custom
Warranty:: 12 Months
Price: USD 9484.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


the rotor dynamic balance test about Micro-motor rotor, such as motor motor,household small electric appliance,micro-motor,fractional horsepower motor,electric tool, etc.

type:YYQ-0.1DW name:automatic positioning rotor (soft support)balancing machine
specification parameter
mass scope of workpiece(g) 0.5
the maximum outer diameter of workpiece (mm Φ30
distance between two supports of bearing (mm Φ85
bearing diameter range (mm Φ1.5/5
radius of belt drive (mm Φ18/45
rotation speed when the diameter of driving belt is 100mm(r/min 1500/5000
equipment voltage AC220V50-60HZ 500VA
min achievable residual unbalance amount (e mar 0.1g·mm/Kg
rate of reduct unbalance(U RR% 95%


* Realizing high - precision positioning when you are measurign without marking
* Don't worry about error of position in sliding belt as number slot technology will be tracking automaticly
* about 100 kinds of specifications cab be appling Windows Chinese measurement software,what's more,whenever you can use once it was calibrated
* Non-stick reflective marker, USB data output, multiply data storage, flexible positioning method
* simple and beautiful touch screen
* Heavy/deweight can be changed easily
* The difference of the left and right angles will be show in the automatic marking system (optional)
* The equipment is equipped with automatic diagnotic function so that maintain it better

Equipped with special fixture, with higher precision, simple operation, convenient loading and unloading, high efficiency. It can be deduplicated according to user's requirement

rotor balancing machine,

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balancing machine

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