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IV EO Autoclave

A Style A Style - Full Auto B Style - Semi-auto

Work Pressure: -60kpa
Highest Pressure: 140kpa
Sterilization Method: 100% EO Gas
Price: USD 700.00/units


IV EO Autoclave
HP series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers are our new designed EO gas Autoclave for medical or laboratory usage.
Auto Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers use 100% ethylene oxide gas to sterilize the wet and heat sensititive items,such as surgical precision medical equipment,optical instrument,electronic equipment,plastics productand and all kinds of medical products,has no corrosion influence to any plastic,metal and rubber material.

Main Features:
1,Full automatically control for start to oven stop by micro-computer,programable,touch screen.
2,Auto EO adding system(auto impale),much convenient and safety for sterilizing working.

3,Electrical control door for up and down,with safety function.

4,Various safety functions and alarms.
5,Vacuum studio and residual gas processing device made of stainless steel imports by hydrogen arc welding production vacuum system and into drug gas line
6,Perfect designing,low toxicity,efficient spectrum,well sterilization,.strong penetrating,short sterilization time,no pollution,safety!

7,A Style is Full auto style,B style is semi-auto style.

HP series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers,

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