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1,Salt Spray Test Chamber


nterior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 600*450*400
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 1070*600*1180
Laboratory temperature: NSS ACSS:35℃±1℃/CASS:50℃±1℃
Price: USD 5.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


Dingtao Industrial Co., Limited
Salt Spray Test Chamber
Technical Parameter
Model WT-60A WT-90A WT-120A WT-160A WT-200A
Brand Wonderful-Test
Interior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 600*450*400 900*600*500 1200*1000*500 1600*1000*500 2000*1200*600
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 1070*600*1180 1410*880*1280 1900*1300*1400 2300*1300*1400 2700*1500*1500
Laboratory temperature NSS ACSS:35℃±1℃/CASS:50℃±1℃
Pressure barrel temperature NSS ACSS:47℃±1℃/CASS:63℃±1℃
Laboratory volume(L) 108 270 480 480 480
brine tank volume(L) 15 25 40 40 40
Power AC220V ±10V 15A AC220V ±10V 10A AC220V ±10V 30A AC220V ±10V 30A AC220V ±10V 30A
concentration of saltwater Sodium chloride concentration is 5% or when sodium chloride concentration is 5%,per L saltwater is added by 0.26 grams of copper dichloride
PH ranges 6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2
Air pressure 1.00±0.01Kgf/cm³
Spray amount 1.0~2.0ml/80cm³/h(At least collected 16hours,then averaged the res

Type of salt spray tests chambers:

Sequence number Products Model
1 Precision salt spray tests chambers WT-60A/WT-90A/WT-120A/WT-160A/WT-200A
2 Intelligent salt spray tests chambers WT-60T/WT-90T/WT-120T/WT-160T/WT-200T
3 Sulfur dioxide salt spray tests chambers WT-60S/WT-90S/WT-120S/WT-160S/WT-200S
4 Mixed salt spray tests chambers WT-60F/WT-90F/WT-120F/WT-160F/WT-200F
5 Walk-in salt spray tests chambers WT-8B/WT-18B/WT-72B
Attention Various non-standard test chambers can be customized,Welcome to consult

Product Description:

Salt spray corrosion test chamber (Salt spray test chamber, salt box, salt spray test machine, salt spray corrosion test chamber) can be used to assessing the ability of salt spray corrosion

resistant materials.
SIt can be used to assessment materials and their resistance to salt spray corrosion protection layer capacity, whether you are testing hardware industry, screw industry, electroplate industry,

automotive and motorcycle parts, communication industry, computer industry, electronic industry, coating industry, research institution, etc, our salt spray test chamber can offer you a best solution.
Due to the increasingly harsh environment, Salt Spray Tester becomes more and more popular.

Salt Spray Tester has been the most hot selling products these days, for the fast delivery time and reasonable price of Salt Spray Tester.

Product Features

Box material A grade PVC, anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature, anti-humidity,thickness:5~8mm
Reagent added bottle Hide one model,easy to clean,easy to get out
Exterior High transparency ,used manual opening cover,steam open cover can be choiced
Pressure saturated barrel Delicate cylinder is used by SUS 304﹟stainless steel, anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature, anti-humidity,anti-high pressure,zero water shortage
Lab rack “V”shaped strip used by A grade PVC is matched with “O”shaped strip used by toughened glass,to make sure that tested product can be adjusted angle from 15 to 30 and be well-distributed by spray.
Lab upper cover 5mm thick and high toughness transparent import PVC board is designed to be 100 degree ridge type transparent upper cover to make sure that drops of dew on the upper cover slide down to the seal,in case of being dropped to the tested product。
Circuitry All digital circuit makes accurate temperature control and completive test functions
Memory function It has Power outage time memory function。when power again,it can continue to complete the rest of the experimental workin in accordance with the original time.
Security Double over temperature protection;Water shortage warning
Spray tower Using conical deconcentrator to have Guiding fog、Adjustting fog and Uniforming drop functions.

All other pictures of Precision Salt Spray Test Chambers:

Salt Spray Test Chamber / humidity and temperature
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperatureWT-Precision series
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperature
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperatureWT-Precision series
Climatic test chamber / bench-top / stainless steel / for rapid temperature cycling
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperatureWT-Precision series
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperature
Precision Salt Spray Test Chamber / Precision humidity and temperatureWT-Precision series

Salt Spray Test Chamber, Precision salt spray tests chambers, Sulfur dioxide salt spray tests chambers, Mixed salt spray tests chambers, Walk-in salt spray tests chambers, Industrial salt spray tests chambers,

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2, Temperature/ Humidity Test Chamber  ...

Dingtao Industrial Co., Limited

Temperature and humidity test chamber, High low temperature test chamber,UV weathering test chamber, Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber, Ozone accelerated aging test chamber,Thermal shock test chamber,Drying Oven,Salt spray test chamber,

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