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botanical pesticide, 0.6% Matrine AS, natural organic


0.6% Matrine AS

Effective Ingredient: Matrine>0.6%

Characteristic:a pure natural herb-source botanical insecticide, was meticulously refined and extracted from wild medical plants, Sophora flavescens Ait.

Target: Diamondback moth, and armyworm, Pieris rapae L., aphid, Tea mite, red spider, Phytomyza horticola G., psylla chinensis, Carmine spider mite, peach fruit borer, Carmine spider mite, leaf mite, Aphid, tea geometrid

Get OFDC and ECOCERT organic certification.

If you are interesting, please feel free to contact me, jwj2008 at 126 dot com.


Jane Jiang

Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd

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5% Rotenone ME

Characteristic: extracted fromAfricamountain green soybean; easy to decompose; fine combinability.
Target pests: Aphides, mites, spiders, striped flea beetle.

Matrine, Rotenone, bio-insecticide,

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botanical fungicide, 1% Cnidiadin EW, 0.7% Carvacrol AS, organic natural...

Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd

botanical pesticide, bio insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, virucide

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