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Kpu shoes upper heating pressing equipment


Working Table Size: 600*600MM
Clamping Force: Stroke
Machine Size: 3200*1450*1900MM
Price: USD 30000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


Kpu shoes upper heating pressing equipment

The KPU shoes upper heating pressing equipment mainly used for Caulking glue on the sports shoes upper and embossing .KPU materials' biggest feature is the strong adhesion, weather resistance.The kpu shoes machinery need several machines,We can supply you whole set of KPU molding machine for sport shoes,include cabinet oven,kpu Mxing machine, kpu vacuum machine, kpu shoes machine,drying rack.


30 T

Clamping force Ton


Locking mold pressure


Stroke MM


Main cylinder diameter MM


Horse power HP


Machine Type

Hydraulic Press

Gross weight KG

4500 KG



Working table size MM


Machine size MM


Main Features:

1. Adopt the world advanced SOLIDEWORK3D software and finite element analysis of mechanical design, the optimum design is integrally molded high rigidity, precise structure, long service life.

2. Heating plate adopt deep hole processing, and after carburizing,after grinding nit-riding, using the principle of heat, get the high precision, and the optimal design with average temperature, HRC50-55 hardness, long time wear-resisting, Not easy to be out of shape and it has high plane precision.

3. Using the technology of planar pressure correction, the maximum pressure(200KG) nut leveling device,the highest plane precision can reach 0.05 MM.

4. Unique oil circuit design, the oil circuit non impact and low noise in operation, increase the effectiveness, reduce the energy consumption.

5. Using circulation radiation cooling device, to ensure good heat exchange, low oil temperature, long life hydraulic parts, stability forming.

6. Intelligent PID control output, the difference of set temperature and actual temperature controlled in+-1 degree. It is economic and energy-saving.

7. importing the latest digital prototype testing technology, higher thermal performance, better stability than the traditional design.

8. Adopt imported famous brand digital temperature control, the precision of temperature controlled in +-2

Kpu Shoes Machinery,

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Equipment for the production KPU shoes uppers...

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