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EN545 Ductile iron socket fittings


Price: USD 1.00/1
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Dinsen Impex Corporation is a professional enterprise in the field of Cast Iron Pipes, Fittings, stainless
steel Couplings, which was used for sewer drainage system of buildings. All our products are fully meet
USA and European standard EN877 , DIN19522 , BS416 , BS437 , ISO6594 , ASTM A888 / CISPI 301,
CSA B70, GB/T12772, KSD437 etc

Fittings for flanged joints

Double Flanged Bend 90° (1/4)
Double Flanged Duckfoot Bend 90° (1/4)
Double Flanged Long radius Bend 90° (1/4)
Double Flanged Bend 45° (1/8)
Double Flanged Bend 22.5° (1/16)
Double Flanged Bend 11.25° (1/32)
All Flanged tee
All Flanged tee with 45°Angle branch
All Flanged crossing
Double flanged taper
Blank Flange
Reducing Flanges

Fittings for socket joints

Collar T type and K type
Double Socket Bend 90° (1/4)
Double Socket Bend 45° (1/8)
Double Socket Bend 22.5° (1/16)
Double Socket Bend 11.25° (1/32)
All socket tee
All socket tee with 45°Angle branch
Double-socket tee with flanged branch
Double socket taper
All socket crossing


Socket-spigot fittings
Flanged socket
Flanged spigot

ductile iron fittings, flange, DN80-2000, collar, Double Socket Bend , All socket tee, Double socket taper,

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EN877 grey cast iron pipe fittings...


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Dinsen Impex Corp

pipe fittings

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