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sole injection molding machine


origin: Zhejiang, China
packaging: standard export packing
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China Plastic shoe sole injection molding machine with High-Quality, Leading Plastic shoe sole injection molding machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Plastic shoe sole injection molding machine Factory & Exporters.

Shoe sole injection molding machine 1. EKII Series Servo energy saving injection moulding machine Optimized electrical cabinet design, conform to GB, CE, UL, KCS or other safety standard. Electrical parts from famous international manufacturers, ensure machine with reliable performance. Advanced PLC( KEBA, BECKHOFF, etc. ) , avaiable as option. DEscriptION UNIT BL280EKⅡ/C1400 Injection working capacity 1400 Screw diameter A B C mm 55 60 65 Screw ratio 23 21 19.5 Theoretical injection capacity cm3 689 820 962 Shot weight(PS) g 634 754 885 oz 22.4 26.6 31.2 Injection rate into Air cm^3/s 224 267 313 Injection pressure MPa 200 168 143 plasticizing rate g/s 43 55 68 Max. injection speed mm/s 94 Max. Screw speed r/min 210 Clamping force kN 2800 Opening stroke mm 580 Space between tie bar mm×mm 660×610 Min. mould height(T-slot) mm 240(195) Max. mould height(T-slot) mm 610(565) Max. distance Platen(T-slot) mm 1190(1145) Ejector stroke mm 190 Ejector force forward kN 62 Ejector force back kN 36 Number of ejector bar PC 13 Sys. Pressure MPa 16 Pump Motor kW 30 Heater power kW 19.55 Number of temp. control zones 4+1 Hoper capacity kg 50 Oil tank capacity L 350 Machine dimensions(L×W×H) m×m×m 6.1×1.58×2.2 Machine weight Ton 8.2 2. Product Instructions Bole centre clamping structure ■ 100% clamping force use, 10%-20% higher than traditional toggle structure. ■ Less possibility of flash, save flash trim work. ■ Save 2-5% material. ■ Offer good protection to mould, platens and tie bars. ■ Opening stroke 10-20% longer. Traditional structure ■ With heavy clamping force waste, only 80-85% efficiency. ■ Moving platen with obvious deformation, cause flashes, waste of material and labor of trim the flashes. 3. Clients Cases 4. about Bole Machinery The sale of Bole Machinery is increasing steadily in recent years with the launch of new EKII series "China Unique Producer, Central Locking Toggle" machine. There are obvious advantages in the injection industry under the guidance of leading product technology strategy. With the design of central locking toggle structure of Bole Machinery, there are three main advantages compared with the competitors: a. High product accuracy; b. Less- flashes or no flash; c. 2% - 5% material- saving. 5.The world`s leading processing equipment shoe sole injection molding machine Leading technology and performance China unique producer, central locking toggle CIML carbon-fiber products intelligent moulding line, made for lightweight of automobile The performance of Electro- hydraulic hybrid two platen machine has reached the leading level

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