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Activated Desiccant, Desiccant bags,Cargo Guard-2000 Container Desiccant,Clay Desiccant

Cargo Guard-2000g


1.Product Description:

Cargo Guard-2000g with hookcan be hung on the hoop, mainly prevent “Container Rain”.

Absorbent: active mineral; Adsorption capacity: 50%

2.Product Feature:

Super adsorption & anti-leakage

Use the mixture of CaCl2 and high water adsorption material as absorbent,It’s adsorption capacity reaches over than 250% in 30days,and can over than 300% in 60 days. We can provide TUV test reports .

This special mixture material turns into solide gel after full adsorption,great to reduce the material’s mobility.There is no any leakage even its get saturated.It is a perfect combination of super adsorption capacity and anti-leakage performance

3.Product Specification:

Appearance Size: 30cm*23cm*3cm


Cargo Guard-2000g is widely used in various fields, including:Semiconductor and electronic products, metal products,Military products, precision instruments, Machinery equipment,Chemical materials, Medicine, health care products,Food packaging, canned food,Pet food, textiles,Furniture, leather products, Bulk grains, agricultural products,Transport of goods, warehousing……

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Activated Desiccant, Desiccant bags, Container Desiccant, Clay Desiccant,

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desiccant,container desiccant,super desiccant,desiccant bags, desiccant strips

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