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20s / 30s Paper Cone Polyester Textured Yarn High Strenght With Ring Spun Technique



Paper Cone Of Spun Polyester Yarn, Strength High And Ring Spun Technique




Polyester fiber?is created, it is made into a yarn.There are two types of polyester yarns:filament and spun.Virgin raw polyester staple fibre material is used to make spun yarn that means spun yarn made up of thousands of short filaments.For us, we use all 100% virgin fiber from Sinopec Fiber.


We are a direct manufacture for making polyester yarns, a professional China Supplier in textile yarn industry since 2005. Our major products business are virgin polyester raw yarn, spun yarn, sewing thread,etc. We could provide dye, cone finish for making thread. All products are heavy strength and high tenacity, durable and good color fastness and evenness .


We are professional and responsible export supplier for only polyester yarns, if you are looking for the same products , so choose us ,choose professional.


Main Characteristic
# Yarn Type: Spun Polyester Yarn
# Material :100 % polyester PSF
# Level: AAA Grade Sinopec Fiber
# Feature: Full Dull, Strength of Strong, Smoothness, Eco-Friendly, Durable
# Cone: Plastic Cone (white or Dyed) or Paper Cone
# Yarn Package: 15 rolls on paper cone, 20 rolls on plastic one
# Container Shipment: 10.5 Tons/20 Feet General Purpose, 24.5Tons/40 Feet high Cube
# 1 Cone of Polyester Spun Core Yarn
# High Quality, High Tensile Strength, Low Lint Yarn
# Color : Customized Color
# Good Abrasion Resistance, Yarn is durable and has a good sewing performance.
# Good for Any Home or Commercial Machine
# Each Cone is 1.25kg -1.67kg
# Competitive Prices Direct Factory Prices



- - - -
Product Type | 100% Virgin Spun Polyester Yarn |
Color | Customer’s demand |
Core | Paper Core and Plastic Tube optional |
Count Ne | 20s-60s |
Strength | High |
Light | Full Dull /Semi-Dull |
Knot | No Knot |
Shrinkage | Low |
Elongation | Low |
Techniques | TFO or Ring Spun |
OEM/ODM | Available |
MOQ | 1MT |
- - - -


Benefit From Us
# Rich experience of 10 YEARs in polyester yarn industry.
# Strong support from us, large production,annual production capacity 15,000tons.
# With a wide range of goods, a great variety for your choice.
# Quality is guaranteed by skilled workers, honest employee and QC team.
# Excellent quality, competitive price & professional service.

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