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Good Evenness Paper Cone Polyester Weaving Yarn With Staple Fiber?Low Shrink



Good Evenness And Knotless Spun Polyester Yarn In Paper Cone



Nowadays, more and more customes use polyester as their main material for making fabric ,garment or sewing threads.?Polyester have many desirable qualities,polyester fibers and fabrics have many uses. Polyester is oftern used in outerwear because of its high tenacity and durability. It is a strong fiber and consequetnly can withstand strong and repetive movements. Now there are Spun yarn in polyester fiber?POY,DTY,FDY,Filament different yarns type in the market.We are specilized in poly yarn, semi finished sewing thread.until now,we have large quantity for exporting these polyester yarn for importers in using precess of sewing yarn .Polyester Yarn can be keep raw white color or dyed in different colors according to different requrement and usage.


Main Characteristic
# High tenacity, high suppleness semi-finished sewing yarns.
# Low extensibility and shrinkage and hard to fade once was dyed.
# Raw white color or dyed other customized colors
# Counts available 20s/2,20s/3,20s/4,30s/2,30s/3,30s/4
# 40s/2,40s/3,42s/2,42s/2,50s/2,50s/3,60s/2,60s/3
# 100 percent polyester yarn is excellent yarn of its feature with flexible sewing performance in high speed and critical sewing operation of garment textile business.


What advantageous from us?

1. Strong support from us, professional yarn manufacturer for 10 years

2. Ensure the products to meet the quality standards
3. Ensure the goods to be inspected each order and delivered on time
4. Provide warm and friendly service and after-sale service.
5. All yarns have been sold to different overseas market


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