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Fiber Optical Patch Panels,Rack Mount Fiber Patch



Origin: China
Price: To Talk About
Payment Method: T/T
Quantity: 100Pcs
Pack. & Delivery: As You Wish
Specification: Rack Mount Patch Panel,Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel Enclosure
1).CableOrganizer offers a variety of Wall mount and rack mount fiber optic patch and splice enclosures. These data cabinets are available pre-loaded with any connector interface required.
2).Stubbed boxes are available with stranded, ribbon or loose tube cable. Please call for pricing. We will need to know:
3).These 1U swing out units are ideal for those installations requiring direct termination of a cable in a rack environment. The patch panel swings out and to the left, exposing the patch panel, which accepts Modular Adapter Caps.
4).please note, panel shown in Beige for detail. Actual color is black.
Rack Mount Patch Panel,Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel Enclosure,

fiber optic patch panels, optical fiber patch panels,

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