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Automatic paper cone making machine



Automatic paper cone making machine

1. Brief description
The automatic production line for paper bobbins, the main driving force transmitted through a cam mechanism for time control purposes. It uses a range of electromechanical control technologies such as post operation control, high/low two-speed inverter control, photoelectric control, approach control and pneumatic delay control to ensure less manpower, low energy consumption, high efficiency and top quality production. It is suitable for the production of various conical bobbins. It consists of paper cone winding unit, drying oven, and paper cone finishing unit. The whole paper cone production process is as follows,
Jumbo paper reel feeding—Inside and outside printing—Paper edge grinding—paper cutting— paper cone winding&trimming— Paper cone drying—V-shaped notching—Line pressing—Head curling(Bull nosing)—Flocking—Final products collecting.
2. Technical parameters
Speed: 40-45pcs/min
Applicable paper: 320-450gsm
Applicable glue: white glue/Tapioca starch glue
Compressed air: 1.2m3/min, 0.8MPa
Power: 49 KW/380V/50HZ/3Phases
Operator: 2~3persons/shift
Weight: ~12000KGS
Needed working space: 12000mm X 3500mm X 3500mm

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