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Auto-Focus Mini Handheld USB Digital Microscope With Wifi, Battery Power W5



Auto-Focus Mini Handheld USB Digital Microscope With Wifi, Battery Power W5
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We now provide?New W5?with higher technology, better?quality?and more competitive price. Please continue to browse the category with New W5.

New W5 has following new good characteristic: ? 1 Appearance: The base shell of old W5 can not be removed. The New W5 has two sets of shell base for daily removal and replacement. A larger one is used to watch the general flat objects, such as PCB, flowers, insects, painting, and product quality testing, etc.. The smaller one is usually used on education and skin care fields. It is more concentrated in the visible range.

Standard package includes both the base shell. Applications are even more broad.

2 batteries: Old W5& acute;s battery is built-in and can not change. New W5& acute;s battery is available and can be removed. Users can always replace the battery in any time.

3 user interface: New one is with toggle button operation, can reduce the risk of damage towards long time button pressing.
4.Packing: The new packaging has another standard adapter and gold-plated USB cable.




Model No: Wifi Microscope W5 , Built in WIFI launch module.

This is an amazing, easy to use high resolution WIFI microscope with up to 65x magnification. Wifi Microscope W5 lets you zoom in and out of the observed object size and can attain Auto-focus on image just by pressing a button. Embeded LED lightings have different brightness levels that can be adjusted as 100%-off-16%-33%-50%-66%-83%-100% circularly according to personal preferences. Wifi Microscope W5 also has a built in Microphone to record the note of verbal analysis. Explore your curiosity with the live images on your iPhone ,IPAD and Smartphone. .

Capture both still images and movie clips at the click of the touch of a button. You can edit pictures in your local disc or images captured by this WIFI microscope and even print them out.




For business and academic use. Ideal for Industrial inspeciton,Qquality control, Precision inspection, Skin care, Education, Art Preservation and Hobbies, Collecting & Law enforment.

Astronomical fan and sport equipment industry as well.




- - - -
Specifications?/?features:?W5 |
Product?size: | 60mm*73mm?(Diameter?x?Height) |
Interface | Hi-Speed?USB?2.0?/?Driver?Free |
Sensor | 5.0M?color?CMOS |
Magnification?ratio | 12x-65x?Zoom |
Resolution | (Max)?2592*1944 |
Frame?Rate | VGA:Up?to?40fps?/?720P:Up?to?30fps? |
Color?Balance | Auto?White?Balance/Auto?Exposure/Auto?Gain |
Focus?Mode | Auto-Focus,?Real-time?Focus,?Manual?Focus |
Image?Format? | Image:?BMP/PNG/JPEG/TIFF?????File:?PDF?????Video:?AVI |
OS?Requirement | ISO?/?Android?/?Windows?(should?support?Wifi?function) |
Mini?and?Portable | Save?room?and?specially?suitable?for?mobile?business |
Upright?shooting | Original?upright?and?lightweight?design.?Elegant?and?noble?generous. |
Hi-speed?Preview | Up?to?40fps |
5.0?Mega?Pixel | Capture?12X-67X?magnification,?Six?levels?of?cintinuous?ZOOM! |
Intelligent?Software | Support?online?remote?session?and?video?via?Skype?/?MSN?/?QQ |
Light?source | Build-in?LED?high-lights,?Six?level?brightness?adjusted |
Microphone | Yes |
Wifi | Yes |
Wireless?protocol | IEEE?802.11?b/g/n |
Frequency?Range | 2.400-2.4835?Ghz?(Subject?to?local?regualtion) |
Transmission?rate | Up?to?300?Mbps |
Power?supply | Battery?(capacity?1200?mAh),?Withstand?100?minutes?of?continuous?use. |
Highlight | Explore?your?curiosity?with?the?live?images?on?your?Smartphone?and?IPAD?now |
Application | For?business?and?academic?use.?Ideal?for?Industrial?inspeciton,Qquality?control, Precision?inspection,?Skin?care,?Education,?Art?Preservation?and?Hobbies, Collecting?&?Law?enforment |
Languages | Multiple?languages |
Product?weight: | About?95g |
Color?of?Product | White |
Button?colors?for?choose | Black?/?Blue |
Packaging | Color?box(Standard)?or?White?box |
- - - -

Competitive Advantage:


Wifi Microscope W5 , Built in WIFI launch module, Easy to use, Auto-focus, built in High light LEDs, Six levels continuous zoom, 5.0M color CMOS,12x-65x Zoom; Real -time focus, HD720P Video recording, professional image.

OS is ISO / Android / Windows (should support Wifi function).

Highlight: Explore your curiosity with the live images on your Smartphone, iPhone and IPAD.

Wi-Fi or USB work models, the Wi-Fi microscope works excellently on iPhone, IPAD and laptops that have WIFI function.

For business and academic use. Astronomical fan and sport equipment industry as well.

Price is very competitive.

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