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5.0-Mega Pixel HD 720P Vide Kopa Scanner, Portable Document Scanner Support XP / Vista




5.0-Mega Pixel HD 720P Vide Kopa Scanner,?Portable?Document Scanner Support XP / Vista????


Quick Details?
Interface : Hi-Speed USB 2.0 / Driver Free

Sensor: 5.0M color CMOS

Resolution : (Max) 2592*1944
Frame Rate : VGA:Up to 40fps /720P:Up to 30fps/5.0M:Up to 15fp


Model No: Upright Shooting Scanner F1, Mini and portable, Hi-speed shooting, Hi-speed USB 2.0, 5.0-Mega Pixel, Real color restore, HD 720P Video.

The highly efficient upright shooting scanner on your desk, perfect at copying documents in less than A4 size, Elegant and noble design, convenient and easy to use.


Upright Shooting Scanner F1 own the original upright designs globally, elegant and noble shape. Ultra-high resolution with 5.0 mega pixel, keep every detail truly, the effect is comparable to traditional scanner. Scans pages up to A4 file(210mmX 297mm)of note, agreement, document or as small as business card, photos, by clicking only one button, your materials may shoot and save effortlessly. It can record and display video at 720P without any frame lag. It is a perfect helping hand for your business.


Upright shooting scanner F1 software support printing and PDF format of scanned document; scanned images can be sent by Email/ Skype or other communication mode with document scanner F1 software to facilitate your business. As a portable scanner that can shoot A4 sheet(210mmX 297mm) from the lowest distance, upright shooting scanner F1 apply exclusively develop professional camera lens with high luminous flux and ultra wide angle in designs. It only take 2 seconds to scan without any supplementary lighting with scanner F1 software under office environment.




Snapshot: A4 file, Bill, Name card, small objects.

For Individual/ Family, ?Company/ Enterprises; Financial industrials; Bank; School/ Library, hospital/ medical institutions; Education Field; Governments, and wherever need scanning.




- - - -
Specifications?/?features:?F1 |
Product?size: | 50mm*60mm*254mm?(LxWxH) |
Interface | Hi-Speed?USB?2.0?/?Driver?Free |
Sensor | 5.0M?color?CMOS |
Resolution | (Max)?2592*1944 |
Frame?Rate | VGA:Up?to?40fps?/720P:Up?to?30fps/5.0M:Up?to?15fp? |
Color?Balance | Auto?White?Balance?/?Auto?Exposure?/?Auto?Gain |
Focus?Mode | Fixed-Focus |
Image?Format? | Image:?BMP/PNG/JPEG/TIFF?????File:?PDF?????Video:?AVI |
Image?resolution | Close?to?300?DPI |
OS?Requirement | Windows?7?/?Vista?/?XP?/?Windows?Server?2003??????? CPU:?1.2G????????Memory:?1G??????HD:?above?20GB |
Addition?features | The?highly?efficient?upright?shooting?scanner?on?your?desk, perfect?at?copying?documents,?it?only?take?2?seconds?to?scan without?any?supplementary?lighting. |
Mini?and?Portable | Save?room?and?specially?suitable?for?mobile?business |
Upright?shooting | Original?upright?and?lightweight?design.?Elegant?and?noble?generous. |
Hi-speed?Preview | Up?to?40fps |
5.0?Mega?Pixel | Ultra?high?resolution,?restore?every?detail?truly. |
Video?Play | Connect?with?projector?to?play?video?for?better?conference |
High?Luminous?Flux | Exclusive?develop?professional?lens,?make?it?work?in?office?environment withour?additional?lighting |
Low?shooting | Ultra?wide?angle,?together?with?KoPa@?Scanner?software,?which?make it?perfect?to?shooting?in?a?short?distance. |
Intelligent?Software | Easy?to?use,?embeded?OCR(optional) |
Application | For?personal;?at?home;?company/?enterprises;?Financial?industrials; Bank;?hospital/?medical?institutions;?Education?Field;?Governments, and?wherever?need?scanning. |
Product?weight: | About?280g |
Color?of?Product | White?/?Black |
Packaging | Color?box(Standard)?or?White?box |
- - - -

Competitive Advantage:


Upright shooting scanner F1, Mini and portable; Powered through USB cable; Hi-speed shooting; Hi-speed USB2.0; 5.0 Mega Pixel; Real Color restore; HD720P Video.


The highly efficient upright shooting scanner on your desk, perfect at copying documents, it only take 2 seconds to scan without any supplementary lighting with document scanner F1 software under office environment, it support multiple save formats such as PDF/JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF. Hi-speed in recovering office documents, embeded OCR(optional). It makes your office work more convenient.


Image to PDF, Transmit to E-mail box on desktop or PC, Speedy copy, Intelligent mode.

Elegant and noble design, convenient and easy to use.


Price is very competitive.

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