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Digital Eyepiece WIFI Telescope , Vision Pro Spotting Scope TW 301

TW 301


Digital Eyepiece Zoom Spotting Scope , Wi-Fi VisionPro Spotting Scope TW 301
? Quick Details?
KoPa Wi-Fi VisionPro spotting scope TW 301

Compatible with?iPhone/iPad/Android phones

wireless Wi-Fi working mode &USB working mode

What makes KoPa Wi-Fi VisionPro spotting scope TW 301 special?
TW 301 is abosolutly revolutional Wi-Fi spotting scope that allows you to capture images and record videos on your smart electronic mobile devices like iPhone/iPad/Android phones. We are the first one to apply Wi-Fi technology into spot scope, and remarkably to create newest observing way on iPhone,iPad and other smart wifi electronic devices. By using the TW301, you will not miss any important moment and share the simultaneous video with your family, friends, and colleagues, etc.

Brief introduction Before Observing Attach your spotting scope to a photo/video tripod before trying to observe as the size and power of the spotting scope requires a solid tripod to be able to see sharp and steady views. For the KoPa TW301 a Tripod Balancing Platform should be installed for optimum balancing on a tripod (see information below) Make sure to remove the lens cap prior to observing. You can use the sight tube to locate the object you want to look at and then look through the eyepiece. ? Using the Rubber Eyecup The zoom eyepiece includes a soft rubber eyecup for eyeglass wearers. Fold down the rubber eyecups to observe the full field of view when wearing eyeglasses. If you do not use eyeglasses, leave the rubber eyecup in the up position. ? Focusing To focus slowly rotate the focuser knob until the image in the eyepiece is clear and sharp. Refocusing is usually required if the power is changed. ? If you feel the focus knob no longer moves any further (in either direction), then you have reached the end of the travel range — don& acute;t try to force it to go further but you should refocus by turning in the opposite direction. Once an image is in focus, turn the knob clockwise to focus on a closer object and counterclockwise for a more distant object. ? Changing the Magnification (Power) Rotate the magnification ring around the zoom eyepiece to Change the power level of the spotting scope. Refocus as needed. The brightest and widest field of view will always be at the lowest power. ? Photography and video record? With KoPa Wi-Fi spotting scope eyepiece TW500 (T-mount)? ? You could simultaneously watch and record what the spotting scope TW301 captured on downloaded free live camera software in APP. 1. One built-in Wi-Fi module and Wi-Fi transmit antenna.? 2. Five buttons in the operate interface: zoom in, zoom out, increase expose value, decrease expose value, auto expose. 3. Three indicators: battery indicator , wifi working indicator, battery charging indicator. 4. Two working modes: wireless Wi-Fi working mode &USB working mode ?

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