With many years of experience in the manufacture of fasteners products in Asia, we are also involved
in many areas with metallic and plastic products intended for general industry.
We are not a Trading company in the usual sense of the word, since in addition to providing our customers
with a team which searches for the best supply sources on the Chinese market, we specialise
* Experience in conducting regular quality audits;
* Supervision of production time frames;
* Commercial monitoring of your orders; and
* Responsibility for the delivery of goods.
Our customers include some of the industry’s famous names, but we can also count a good number
of SME's among our customers, who benefit from our container groupage opportunities for supplying
more modest quantities.
We market the following main product lines:
* Fastening products (bolts, screws, nuts, washers) standard or to client specifications, cold or
hot forged;
* Iron and steel products such as sheets and coïls;
* Primary transformation products from steel sheets ( steel tubes);
* Various manufactured metallic pieces;
* Foundry products (gray cast iron and ductile cast iron, aluminium and Zamac, lost wax casting);
* Various furniture hardware for buildings and furnishings;
* Cutting, punching, stamping and mechanized welding products;
* Various ceramic products;
* Plastic processing products;
* Electric and electronic components;
* Different products manufactured in wood;
Our team is based in Shanghai and we would be delighted to consider any business in the areas
described above or any work in a particular area.

Fastener, Casting Parts, Fastener, Casting Parts , Forging Parts , Frames, Led Linghting , Bulb Lights,


Fastener, Casting Parts , Forging Parts , Frames, Led Linghting , Bulb Lights

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