Hangzhou Showland Technology Co.,Ltd


Showland Technology is the Mean Well distributor for 5 years, being recognized as
a premier supplier for leading edge, reliable & cost effective power conversion products.

Showland offers more than 4,000 standard products, giving customers a true choice.
We allows even the smallest company or individual users to enjoy the same competitive pricing edge.

Ample stock & various models are kept as stock to serve those customers who have immediate needs.

Ø Best pricing for medium to high volume requirements

Ø A wide range of solutions from 1 to 3,000 watts

Ø Power solutions to Medical, Industrial, LED and Datacom markets

Ø Large offering of general purpose AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC power products

LED Driver, LED Driver , Mean well , Power Supply , Led Transformer , SMPS , led controller,

Hangzhou Showland Technology Co.,Ltd

LED Driver ,Mean well ,Power Supply ,Led Transformer ,SMPS ,led controller


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