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Print Series focus on Flexo Printing Machine, Rotary Printing Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Plate Making Machine, Satellite Adhesive Label Flexo Printing Machine, Small Care Label Printing Machine, Adhesive Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine, Label Cutting Machine, Curing Oven and other post/pre­printing press series machines for garment care labels like satin label, polyester label, nylon taffeta label, woven label, also other coffee labels, wine labels, cosmetic labels, food labels, personlized labels, water bottle labels, baby food labels and more, magazines, readings, catalogue, books, tags and all materials.

Product Range:

Flexo Printing Machine:

PSF2/1, PSF4/2. PSF6/2. Ideal for top quality garment fabric or wash care labels printing.

Rotary Printing Machine:

PSR3B, PSR4B, PSR5B, PSR7B. Good choice for fabric or washing care labels printing.

Screen Printing Machine:

Roll to Roll Series, Sheet by Sheet Series. Other auxiliaries machines. Suitable for all kinds of materials.

Cheap Small Label Printing Machine: Desktop Printer, Upright Printer.

Adhesive Label Printing Machine:

PSA200 Satellite Flexo Press, PSA320 Stack Flexo Press, PSA4180 and PSA210 Flatbed Press with Die Cutting.

Plate Making Machine:

PSR400 Chemical Washed Plate Maker for Flexo Plate, PST420 Water Washed Plate Maker for Resin Plate.

Label Cutting Machine:

PSL2080 Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine, PSL3010 Hot and Cold Label Cutting Machine (Garment labels cutting)

Die Cutting & Slitting Machine:

PSD320A Plain Die Cutting Machine, PSF320B Label Slitting Machine, PSF320C Rotary Die Cutting&Slitting Machine, Inspection Machine.

Our professional and strong R&D team with aboundance experiences timely respond to the market trends and combine with tradtional skill new techology. We concentrate each deatils, aftersale services and offer competitve price, which makes us win many customers support, now we have stable clients worldwide including Europe, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, India and etc.


Values of Print Series

1. Honesty and Credibility. Honestly is the base of all human's good characters, too of career, credit is our core assets, never break the principle of being honest and reditable.

2. Create values to customers, more value and benefit to our customers and the market before taking any profit. Being professional is our responsibility to the customers. Ofren ask ourselves: Have we really achieved to help the customers save time, money and smooth their worries aways 

3. Our mission is our honrableto train and educate talents. The quality and quantity of talent is a key indicator to judge if Print Series Career succeeds or not. It is our bounden duty to build and provide a platform to realize the talents' self worth and full development.

4. Stand where we are. Hold dream, focus on our own position, do not take diversification route. Do not follow blindly, do not be greed, dot not search unreasonable profit.

5. Welcome changes. Welcome open minded, accept the variety of things, ready to break the stereotypes, dare to try and exploit, whilling to take risks and pay cost for innovations. Keep independence from experience and authority. Being tolerant to those mistakes for innovations and getting up to act.

6. More chances to talented people. Recruit and select talented people, give more chances to talented people, not acquanitance or relatives. Respect personality and reasonable demand.

7. Coporarte citizen. Believe in ONLY BEING NORMATIVE CAN BE LONG LASTING, to be a law abiding, responsible corporate citizen.

8. System and Rules. Beleive in system's power, respect the game rules, protect the openness and fairness of the system.

9. Life and Work. Keep good balance of life and work, never waste time. Good planning, excellent implementation.

Label Printing Machine, Label Printing Machine, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Rotary Printing Machine, Flexographic Printing Machine, Adhesive Label Printing Press, Die Cutting & Slitting Machine,

Print Series Machinery Co., LTD

Label Printing Machine, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Rotary Printing Machine, Flexographic Printing Machine, Adhesive Label Printing Press, Die Cutting & Slitting Machine

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