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BOSITE is one of the leading manufacturer of hot air plastic welding equipments, Extrusion welders, Heaters ,wedge welders and Blowers. We are the solution for Plastic Fabrication, Print- and Packaging, Pipe construction, Roofing, Civil Engineering, Tunneling, Process Heat, Tarpaulins, Flooring and much more.

  • We are offering a wide range of hot air welding tools and accessories:
  • Hot air welding gun tool (hand hot air welder)
  • Hot air welding machines
  • Wedge welding machines
  • Hot air blowers
  • Hand extrusion welder
  • Industrial extruders
  • Industrial heaters
  • Industrial blowers
  • Grommet machines
  • Test equipments

Hot Air Welders, Hot Air Welders, Hot Air Welding Machine, Hot Wedge Welders,

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Bosite technology industrial Limited

Hot Air Welders, Hot Air Welding Machine, Hot Wedge Welders

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