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We professional manufacturer of LED lighting factory. Our products are targeting high-end , specialized in manufacturing high-brightness long-life light  indoor and outdoor lighting and LED products . Our long-term partnership to establish a good relationship with Taiwan high-end chip supplier , providing customers with the highest quality products . Also provides customers with the most complete, most professional LED lighting environmental aesthetics guide , providing customers with a full range of LED lighting solutions for the home manufacture warm atmosphere and urban landscape lighting contribute to your happiness . LED light source is a global human out old lighting source and the most dependent on the latest cutting-edge technology .


Our main lighting products:

Led ring light:  microscope illumination optic spare parts

Led bulbs: reflector spot light, led bulb and led tube

Light fixture: led panel light, led down light,led wall washer led floodlight,

Fluorescent tube light: T5 light bulb, T8 linear fluorescent lamp,

Emergency led lights: power failure emergency lamp with Lithium battery

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Lylight Electric Co Limited

led ring l ight, led light, led bulb

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Tel: 0086-574-87526982
Unit 802, No.1, Lane 198,Fanjiangan RD,Ningbo 315000,China, Zhejiang, China, 315000


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