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Cixi Hongchang Electronic Co., Ltd. has been a professional siren manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of sirens in China with the experience of more than 10years.We have CE certificate and our material is ROHS. The main products of our enterprise are piezo siren, battery back up siren, electronic siren, strobe light, siren with strobe and horn speaker etc. They are widely used in car, house personal safety, alarm system etc. The factory follows the market trend to provide customers with our high quality, competitive price and prompt delivery. We help our customer develop special siren for their application and OEM service offered.

Features of Product
1. We use experienced and typical design for our siren.
2. The accessories for our siren are offered by high supplier, so the quality is credibility and stabilization.
3. Our siren is made by plastic which is tenacity enough.
4. We have reliable testing instrument for our siren, so that we can offer guaranteed high quality.
5. Our siren has the features of dust-proof, water-proof and anti-knock.
6. Because of honed hardness shell, our siren has good impact and abrasion resistance.
7. Our siren is fastening with iron mounting bracket. It is convenient and fastness to install.

Kama Liu
Cixi Hongchang Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Address: Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China

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Cixi Hongchang Electronic Co., Ltd

Electronic siren, Battery backup siren, Horn speaker, Piezo siren, buzzle, Strobe light, Outdoor siren, Siren with strobe, Driver unit, Alarm

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Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China, Zhejiang, China,


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