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Our Beijing Kingbo Biotech company is in the good position to provide Botanical Pesticide which extracted from Pure Chinese Herbs, shows great advantages during the application--low toxic, long validity, strong effect, no residue and no harm to human and animals. Also we have steady product quality and good price. Also we get the OFDC Organic Certificate for our products.

We have our own factory. Our products such as Matrine series; Pyrethrins series, Rotenone, Nicotine, Berberine and Osthol are sold all over the world:

0.6% Matrine, 5% Matrine, 1.5% Pyrethrins, 5% Pyrethrins, 50% Pyrethrins, 10% Nicotine, 5% Ronteone, 7.5% Rotenone, 0.3% Azadirachtin, 0.1% Physcion, 0.5% Physcion, 0.8% Physcion, 2% Physcion, 4% Berberine, 1% Cnidiadin, 0.2% Resveratrol, 0.7% Carvacrol. bio insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, virucide. If you have some request for product details, please contact me soon. Skype/Email: jwj2008 at 126 dot com. Look forward your information.

Jane Jiang

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Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd

botanical pesticide, bio insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, virucide

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