Wuxi Yuda Heat-exchanger Co.,Ltd


Founded in 2005, Yuda is a manufacturer of high quality Aluminum plate and bar heat exchangers which are commonly known in the industry as radiator, oil cooler and aftercooler.

Our products bar plate heat exchanger, oil cooler, water cooler, intercooler, charge air cooler and evaporator air cooler can be found in a multitude fields such as wind turbine, air compressor, oil&gas exploration, air separation plant, construction machinery, agricultural, forestry, hydraulic and diesel engine of kinds of automobiles

Our company is committed to promote technological ability, and continuously expand the product application and market both domestic and abroad.

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Wuxi Yuda Heat-exchanger Co.,Ltd

bar plate heat exchanger, oil cooler, evaporator air cooler, water cooler, heat exchanger

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