GLsun Science and Tech Co., Ltd, own-patents, 3rd party ROHS tests, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturer, with factory area of 30000+m2, focus on Datacom, Telecom, RFoG, Medical Field and Petroleum Exploration etc. With a broad product portfolio and tremendous production capacity, our products include: Various kinds of Optical Switches (Relay, MEMS, Magnet, Mini type), Free Space Isolators, VOA, Splitters, WDMs, CWDMs, DWDMs, and Optical Line Protection (OLP), Optical Bypass Protection (OBP) equipment, Customization Active & Passive equipment design etc.

GLSUN 2x2B Magneto-Optical Switch

The high-speed 2x2B magneto-optical switch can be used in high-speed all-optical communication network. The optical route design covers optical route design of polarization in optical switch, the performance analysis and material selection of magneto-optic crystal and magnetic path design in Faraday rotator., magneto optical switch, optical switch, 2x2B optical switch, fiber optical switch

GLSUN Multicast Switch MCS optical switch

Multicast Switch (MCS) series are designed for next generation of CDC-ROADM system based on PLC splitter and MEMS optical switch technology. The product is an integrated module containing 8x16 type MCS and electronic control unit inside. The module could implement the function that any one of the optical input could be routed to any one of the output ports. It could be used at key locations in the CDC-ROADM optical network., multicast switch, multicast optical switch, 8x16 optical switch, mcs switch module

GLSUN 1x1 Mechanical Fiber Optical Switch

SUN-FSW-1×1 Optical Switch, which is famous for its high performance, low insertion loss and compact dimension: (L)27.0×(W)12.6×(H)8.2mm. It is an ideal component for OADM,OXC,system monitoring and protection. With compact package, it can be easy to integrate into a high density optical communication system., optical switch, mechanical optical switch, 1x1 optical switch, fiber optical switch

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