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FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd is a premier supplier of cable protection conduit and machinery parts worldwide. Main products include flexible conduit, cable conduits, flexible metal conduit, corrugated conduit, pvc coated conduit, conduit fittings, cable glands and pneumatic hose etc.

Our products are widely used in CNC machine,  engineering machine, automation equipment, wiring harness, port equipment, electronic appliances and other industries of cable protection. In addition to competitive price, we have perfect after-sales system and technical support. FlexGlory are honor to cooperate with customer for product testing according to needs.

We diligently to treat every inquiries and orders, starting from the details, strictly follow the production process and supervision. based on the "not biggest, but for the best" business philosophy. FlexGlory strives to provide customers with high quality products and service.

"Your brand, our vision". Let's learn and grow together.

See more, welcome to visit http://www.flexconduit.com

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FlexGlory Machinery Accessories LTD

flexible conduit, flexible metal conduit, plastic flexible conduit, corrugated conduit, cable conduits, conduit fittings, pvc coated conduit, pneumatic air hose, cable glands etc.

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